About Us

Who We Are

MrInvestments.ca Canada Inc. is an investment services company that works with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. to help individuals, families, and corporations achieve their financial goals. We offer a wide range of investment products and services that are customized to our clients. All mutual fund related business is carried on through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Our firm is built on trust, integrity, and professional experience.  We are committed to providing the best service and solutions.

Why Choose Us

Knowledge – Making the right investment choice can be overwhelming. From choosing the right account to working with an investment advisor, we want you to know more about investing your money. We make investing easier to understand.

Investment choices – We offer a wide range of investment products and services for individuals, families, and corporations.

Unique plan – Financial lives are complex and inter-related. There is no one-size-fits-all financial plan.  We assess your current situation, determine your goals, give advice on the financial products that are right for you, and regularly review your investments.  We build strong client relationships and have your best interests in mind.  Working with us will give you peace of mind.

Multi-languages – We speak several languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Our Mission is empowering people to build wealth and transfer it to the next generation.

Our Vision is to create a compelling investment services company by helping people achieve their financial dreams.

Our Values are integrity, honesty, trust, respect, dedication, excellence, openness, and gratitude.

Founding Story

MrInvestments.ca Canada Inc was founded by Michelle Lau in 2018.  Michelle’s passion on wealth building was attributed to her upbringing.  Growing up in a poor family with 8 siblings in a remote area of Hong Kong, Michelle lived in a house that lacked money, food, electricity, and running water.  Since her parents did not know how to manage money, they fought over money everyday. Her childhood inspired Michelle to become financially free.  She studied how to manage money and make money work.  She founded MrInvestments.ca to share her knowledge and help people achieve their financial dreams.  She believes everyone deserves financial freedom.